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We Airmanship Aviation Academy is located in Dwarka Sector 7, New Delhi, India. Our facility is spread out with various aviation communities. Airmanship is founded on the principles of professionalism and indefinite passion for the Aviation industry worldwide.    

Our founders and team have a combined experience of over 70 years with expertise in various aspects of the Aviation Industry. Our role in the aviation industry expands from basic ground and flight training for commercial pilots, airline pilots, airline training management, cabin crew studies, and various other consulting aspects of the industry. For Flight and pilot training, our bonds with local flying schools across India and abroad. Airmanship also has a world-leading prominent partner abroad for quick and assisted Aircraft Type Rating courses.   

Our ground school training is translated into a core professional comprehension and embraces an in-depth understanding of the complete Aviation Industrial Knowledge, providing for your career with a strong backbone starting with our training methodologies and systems.   

At Airmanship, we assure you, our dedicated team of experts will take great pride in providing Industry Standard quality training and personalized services. Our courses are designed with the updated trends and forecasts of technologies in Aviation, providing students with the elite upbringing of opportunities for their careers. 

We welcome you to join us to achieve your goals with skills, proficiency, and discipline, the three fundamental principles of Airmanship.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a risk free and effective training environment as well as ensure that graduates are prepared with the knowledge, flight hours and experience that lead directly to high demand pilot careers in aviation domestically and internationally.

Our Vision

Airmanship Aviation Academy and services Pvt Ltd strives to be the best Aviation training organization in India that provides best quality and highest standard of flight training, to ensure that, we provide a safe and effective learning situation for our students adhering to safe practice.

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